Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Gimmelwald is one place where I was not able to catch the beauty with my camera. I wanted to include it anyway as it is such a beautiful and unique place. You can't get there by car or train, only by gondola, and there are only a couple of places to stay, but the mountains and hiking are incredible. Simply breathtaking...

Hotel Mittaghorn"Hotel Mittaghorn"

This is Walter's Place - The Hotel Mittaghorn. It's rustic, but the views are incredible. Pack light as you have a long hike from the gondola lift up to the hotel. Walter is a great cook, but there are no choices. Stew one night, chicken and spagetti the next, then back to stew, so you might limit your stay to two days. Be sure to take the hike to Sprutz falls. They were incredible..

Sprutz Falls"Sprutz Falls"

The hike to Sprutz Falls is listed as a 30 minute easy hike from the Hotel Mittaghorn. I'll blame it on the altitude, but if this hike is easy, I'll pass on the difficult ones. It was worth it, as the falls are beautiful. You can walk underneath them, and the sound is deafening.


Here is a view of Gimmelwald from the forest above. Walter sells a guide book at his hotel which you should plan on buying. It describes all of the popular hikes, and includes a history of the village.