I've been lucky enough to visit some incredible places the last couple of years. If you're thinking of cashing in some of those Frequent Flyer miles, here are some great places to go. Don't worry -- no family snaphots. These pages have thumbnails that load fairly quickly. Click on an image for a higher resolution. Come back here and email me if you want more info on these great vacation spots...

The Schooner Stephen Taber
A few images from a week we spent on the Stephen Taber. If you've ever thought about spending a week on a windjammer, you should consider this boat!

Bacharach, Germany
Here are some pictures of Germany, from the Rhine river area and down the Romantic Road.

Ruette, Austria
From a Disneyland Castle to the Austrian Alps...

Gimmelwald, Switzerland
A 'Must See' for nature lovers. This may be the most beautiful place in the world...

Windjamming on Fantome
Here are some pictures and memories from a recent week spent aboard the impressive Sailing Vessel Fantome in the British Virgin Isles. This trip covers everything from a rain forest to a yacht race aboard Stars & Stripes.

It is with regret that I must post that the Fantome and her crew were lost at sea using Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

'96 EAA Fly-in at Oshkosh
Deciding which picture to scan from Oshkosh was a real challenge. This was my first trip to the fly-in, but certainly won't be my last. In fact, this trip inspired me to learn to fly. If you'd like to follow along with my progress, follow this link to my log.

'99 Caribbean 1500
I spend my vacation this year helping some friends move their boat to the caribbean where they will live the cruising life for as long as it's fun. We went as a group with 53 other boats as a part of the Caribbean 1500 race/rally. My log and a few picture can be found at the link above.


Here's a link to a list of our ancestors.


In addition to being an amateur radio operator (KM5GN), Private Pilot, and a drummer, I also build guitars and mandolins. I created a site documenting the building of my first mandolin. Jump to here if you're interested.

Take a look at our band's new web site at www.tollway.com/dnile

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