Bacharach, Germany

This page contains a few images from a recent trip to Germany. While some of these places aren't in Bacharach, they are all within a day trip. Don't worry if you can't find Bacharach on a map -- it's that small. It's located on the Rhine River a few kilometers south of St.Goar. We stayed in the Hotel Kranenturm. This old hotel shares walls with the medieval fortifications of the old village, and is a has an unobstructed view of the Rhine river a few hundred feet away. It's a beautiful old hotel, with a great restaurant, but be prepared for the trains which come by regularly and and quite loud.

A Castle in the middle of the Rhine"A Castle in the middle of the Rhine"

This castle was once a Toll castle, paying it's way by charging seamen passing on the Rhine. This picture was taken from a tour boat that travels between Bacharach and St. Goar.

Burg Eltz"Burg Eltz"

Burg Eltz in considered by many to be one of the most beautiful old castles in Europe. This picture is taken about half way between the parking lot and Burg Eltz. It's a long hike down to the castle, unlike the normal hike up to most castles. Get there early -- it gets crowded.

Rothenburg"Rothenburg OB Der Tabor"

Rothenburg has been perserved as one of the finest medieval cities of Europe. We traveled down the Romantic Road from Bacharach to Rothenburg. The old medieval walls completely suround the city. Stay inside the walls if possible. It's a lovely town after dark, when the tour buses leave. Be sure to walk the wall at sunset or sunrise. There's a beautiful picture at every turn.